9 February 2007

Tongue and groovy

On the weekend we went looking for tiles for the kitchen splashback. We wanted something whitish, but unless we bought cheap-looking white gloss tiles they were going to work out quite pricey. Instead, we chose to buy tongue-and-groove paneling and create a backsplash out of that. Once we'd bought the moulding it didn't work out any cheaper than tiles would have, but we had thought it would be quicker and easier to install. Wrong! It has worked out about the same amount of labour too. Oh well, it's something different!

Grant and the boys are ill, and I'm getting over a second sinus infection in a month, but while they were sleeping I installed the backsplash in one half of the kitchen, including moulding, caulking and three coats of paint. Phew!! Grant and I later installed the two longest strips of plinth - one underneath the pantry cupboards and one under the cooker unit and I printed and hung two pictures.

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