22 March 2007

Dispelling a myth with a smile on my face

You know those people who say money can't buy happiness? They lied. I am feeling the glee that cash can buy, in the form of my brand new lens - a Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG zoom (click for reviews). I AM IN LOVE!

This is what a thrill looks like:

At 740g it isn't lightweight and will bring my rig (camera, lens, Speedlite) up to 2kg but hey, maybe I'll tone my arms up toting it around! Can't imagine what it will weigh once I add a battery pack (sometime in the future).

Just look at the shallow depth of field that f/2.8 gives me - *swoon*. With my old lens (Sigma 18-125mm) I was limited to f/3.5 on my widest angle and only f/5.6 when zoomed, which is how I mostly used it. F/2.8 is a dream come true!

My dad's pen and notebook

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