2 April 2007

What have I done?!

Can't believe what I did today ... Grant nags me to cut his and/or the boys' hair every week (at least it seems that way!) so today I got fed up and shaved the boys' heads!! Daniel's on holiday, Noah doesn't care and this way it will be ages before I have to cut them again. Grant thought it was hilarious and the boys look so cute, bald heads and all ... we buzzed the lot off, you can't see any hair but you can barely feel peach-fuzz and that's it. I can't believe how pale and white their noggins look!! They'll definitely have to wear hats when we're in Spain.

And how annoying is this - my camera battery is charging after my session yesterday, and I can't find batteries for the crappy point-and-shoot!! AAAARGH!! Will def post pics tomorrow.


Edited on Monday to add: As promised, here is a pic of the boys after their haircuts.

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