28 May 2007

Bank holiday

Today is a bank holiday and we're planning on going to Tesco for a few groceries (and I'll try on some jeans as I have none) and then coming home to lay the living room and hallway floor. I'm so not in the mood, but it has to be done when we can.

I weighed myself this morning and it doesn't really look as if I've lost this week, which is really annoying as Rachel and I weigh exactly the same and have the same amount left to lose so we're in hot competition this week and I've been super good with my points. I've dropped a point and am now on 18, plus I've been under my points every day. Whoever loses the least out of the two of us this week has to buy the other some flowers. It's not even the flowers I'm bothered about, but my competitive streak has been tickled. Oh well, two more days till weigh-in, I might still lose.

I so love WW, it has changed my life. It's not a diet, it's a healthy way of eating. I never feel deprived or hungry.

Okay, before this turns into Weight Watchers evangelism, I'd better go get organised so we can leave for Tesco.

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