24 May 2007

Jen needs ...

Angelic posted this game on her blog. What you do is Google your name and "needs" and see what it comes up with. So according to Google, these are some of the things that "Jen needs":

"Jen needs to have a session or two with a therapist." (I'm not arguing with that one.)

(Actually, hey, what kind of therapist??)

"Jen needs a break." (HOW DID THEY KNOW??)

"Jen needs to take some time and be by herself." (This is getting creepy!)

"Jen Needs the Money!" (Is Google stalking me?)

"Really Jen needs to get back to her mansion." (LOL)

"Jennifer needs to get over the fake bake look." (But I have only just started using Johnson's summer glow lotion stuff!)

"Jen needs publicity." (No, Jen doesn't.)

"Jen needs to get back to reality and stop pretending it's disneyland." (Okay, back to reality for me ... have far too much work to do to be blogging.)

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