5 May 2007

Job satisfaction

As challenging as it is fitting in my work around my family, I know I am luckier than most women who have to bring in money to meet the family bills. I get to set my own hours and I am absolutely passionate about what I do. Most of my clients are just lovely people who I would otherwise not have met. I love glimpsing into their lives and homes. I get such a thrill when a client tells me, "I can't thank you enough" like one did this week or when a client cries upon viewing their images for the first time like another did yesterday. I love that I can create art that touches them, I love knowing that they will feel pleasure each time they see their chosen portraits, I love helping them to decide which pieces will work best in their homes. Naturally I love coming home with a big cheque, but I love the little ones too.

I have to work; we can't afford for me not to. I am so blessed that in finding my way into this business I have found my passion, which feeds my soul and enlarges my world. I have learnt so much since starting my business a year and a half ago and I'm sure I'll learn much more at time goes on. It's a never-ending journey, one I'm so grateful to have embarked on.

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