5 June 2007

Big boy bed time

Noah is getting a little big for his cot. It isn't a particularly large cot anyway and he's just grown so much in the last few months. We've already removed 2 of the bars so he can get in and out on his own because he had started trying to climb out and would rock the cot and we were afraid he'd knock it over.

I've put the rocking chair up for sale on eBay and have finally (after weeks of searching) found the right bed for him. Do you know how hard it is to find a nice white bed?? Anyway, I love this one from Mothercare:

And I'm going to buy this bedding from Next:

I wanted something that would go with his room colour and blind, and I think this set matches well enough.

And here's the little monkey recharging his batteries with a rare nap. He refuses anything in his cot - if we put a blanket in then he gets out and throws it furiously out of his room in disgust. He refuses to have it in the room at all - he'll do the same thing if we leave it on the rocking chair. Too funny.

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