28 June 2007

Mish mash of updates

1. Thank you to those who have phoned and emailed to check if we're okay. We are lucky that we have had no flooding problems at all.

2. Daniel has lost his second tooth! Grant had to help a little to pull it out because it was hanging by a thread and hurting Daniel when he ate.

3. Noah is in a "big boy bed" and is so excited about it! Well, we haven't bought his bed yet, so he is on a mattress on the floor, but he loves it.

4. Grant has passed all phases in his application to join the police force and is now waiting to hear their final updates.

I'm currently not at home, I'm sitting in a hotel room in Edinburgh. My friend Laura was driving up here for a conference so I hitched a ride and am having a couple of days of blissful rest, peace and quiet. I'm hanging out in this lovely room and watching telly, surfing the net, planning meals for the next couple of weeks, organising some thoughts on marketing, catching up on some business reading, reading a novel and let's not forget The Nap which features largely in this afternoon's plans! So to anyone who has emailed in the last day or two, bear with me - I'll be back home with email on Saturday (I'm on Laura's laptop today as mine doesn't have network cable port).

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