19 June 2007


We had a nice, busy weekend. On Saturday morning we did the boys' photo shoot thing, then went to buy a gas barbecue, which Grant loves and adores. Then we had lunch and met a friend at the temple - we knew Ian from when we lived in Surrey. He was over at the temple with the youth and had 5 hours to kill so we drove them out to Downham to have a look around (boys fell asleep in the car on the way), then back to our place for a barbecue and then we dropped them back at the temple.

Some shots from the Downham trip

Eeuw, creepy - sleeping with one eye open!

We then headed to Tesco so I could return two pairs of trousers I bought the other day (size 10 - US size 6) and exchange them for a skirt and pair of trousers (size 8, US size 4) *big grin* and then came home. We did Father's Day gifts then, because Sunday mornings are hectic trying to get everyone ready and off to church on time, plus Grant knew he'd be distracted as he had to give a talk. After the boys were in bed Grant and I just relaxed.

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