10 July 2007

Good report

We are so proud of Daniel, he's had a wonderful school report. His teacher's summary at the end of it:

"Daniel has settled well into school and has a wide circle of friends. He is eager to please and thrives on praise. He is knowledgeable about animals and will often choose to play with the animal toys during free choice activities. He often asks unusual questions at randome, for example, "What colour would flamingoes be if they didn't eat shrimps and prawns?" Daniel has great keyboard skills and enjoys all our work in the computer suite or the interactive white board. Daniel has begun to try hard with teacher directed tasks and will usually try to complete tasks to the best of his ability. Daniel's reading skills have steadily improved and he is now word building effectively. Daniel is imaginative, and he enjoys playing adventure games featuring dinosaurs and wild creatures. Daniel should maintain his enthusiasm for school in preparation for the move to Year One."

And then his Head Teacher added: "This is a super report at the end of Daniel's first year in school. He should continue to develop his literacy skills as these will be crucial to his reaching his true potential. Well done, Daniel, you should be proud of your achievements."


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