1 August 2007

I hope he misses the molten lava at the centre of the earth

Daniel: "I've been digging a hole to Australia!"

Me: "Wow, that must be some hole."

Daniel: "It is, it's enormous."

Me: "Um ... where exactly are you digging? Not in the lawn, I hope."

Grant: "Yes, in the grass. I said he could."

Me: [start nagging about how the lawn is struggling as it is, and do we really need to be filling in more holes, etc]

I mean, if it's a hole "to Australia" you'd also be expecting a cavity big enough to at least hold Noah, right? Right?

Well, it looks like my worrying was a bit premature. For this is the hole I beheld when I went to inspect the proud little boy's work. After he decided, yesterday, to "work on my hole some more".

Yes, folks, that is a medicine teaspoon he was using to dig with. Just for further clarification, here is the hole compared to my left hand:

Watch out Australia!!

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