10 July 2007

Please bear with me!

Please bear with me if I owe you an email - I'll get onto it as soon as I get a chance (i.e. it may never happen.) Things here are busy as usual but about to become H-E-C-T-I-C! I did nursery pictures on Thursday, have a wedding to shoot on Saturday and then six sessions scheduled within the next three weeks (which means editing, plus meeting with clients for ordering sessions and preparing their images for print), plus doing work for my website design clients. Eek! During that time I also have to have my hair cut, ferry Daniel around for playdates, endure Noah's Terrible Twoisms, take care of the house and meals, drive through to Blackpool on an errand, hold two Achievement Night activities, be without the car for at least a day while it's in for a service (again!), attend a garden party and a baptism, deal with my eBay auctions that will be ending soon, pick up some framing from my framer ... and actually sleep, eat and have a life (hahaha). And let's not forget that Daniel will be off school on summer holiday from the 20th!


Thank goodness for a lovely, supportive husband (love ya, babe!)

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