25 July 2007

Random vent

Why on earth do clothing manufacturers insist on sewing those stupid hanging loops inside t-shirt shoulders? I always end up cutting them out because a) my t-shirts don't fall off the hanger like they expect them too, and b) the loops always come creeping out of my tops when I'm wearing them.

But worse than that, they don't bother to sew hanging loops inside skirts anymore! I refuse to buy skirt hangers because a) I don't have the money and b) you need 3 hands to operate those if you don't want your skirt to fall on the floor when removing it. I also don't want to have to re-iron my skirt before wearing, because it's been bent over a hanger. So this forces me to waste time sewing my own hanging loops into my skirts (which I've just done on 6 skirts - that's 12 loops, people!) On the plus side my skirts now feature cute pink and blue gingham loops and I'll be driven less crazy.

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