21 July 2007

Rough times

Had a rough day today with Noah. I wrote an epic post but it got a bit personal (feeeelings) so I have kept it for my journal instead. Part of me wants to put myself out there more, but I just feel unable to do that. I know a lot of my life is on the internet (blog, scrapbook, photography) but I'm actually a v private person (and apparently hard to get to know) and I just can't put the real me out there like that. I can't even in real life, so it's not just you.

Anyway, it was really good for me to write it all out and I'm glad I did. The summary? Noah = beast / possessed by demon. Me = feeling crap / crying. Day = awful / thankfully over.

We got through the Terrible Twos with Daniel and I know we will with Noah. I'm just not sure on the how.

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