25 July 2007

Storage solution

We have a 6.5 inch (17cm) gap down the side of the pantry units in the kitchen, which up until now has been dead space. On the floor of this little gap was a horrible pile of wellies and garden shoes, all piled on top of the fire extinguisher. Not so convenient should we need to put out a kitchen fire! Also really annoying when trying to find my flip flops for a quick trip outside. (Please ignore the lack of back step which we still need to fix / create to cover the pipes.)

It took me fifteen minutes to quickly put up a bar between the cupboard and the wall and add a hanging shoe organiser from IKEA - it now contains the garden shoes, sunscreens and some of the bottles of water we have started panic buying sensibly collecting in case the flooding begins to affect our water supply with contamination (which it hasn't so far, thank goodness). I will paint the bar red to blend in with the wall.

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