17 August 2007

A little more information for us

So today Grant got a letter saying that he is posted to Western division, which includes stations from Bispham to Kirkham to St Anne's (headquarters Blackpool). If you click to enlarge the map below you can see how that relates to where we are now.

I don't know when he'll find out the exact station he'll be working at, but we're excited to have a little more direction, especially since a quick look at property prices in some of those areas seems to indicate that I'll get my studio space after all (hopefully).

Suddenly it's becoming more real and a little overwhelming ... dang, we only did this last year ... the packing, the mortgage and house selling and buying paperwork, finding a good school, organising utilities, registering at a new doctor ... we don't know when we'll be moving, or even if (although it seems likely) but the possibility is both exciting and daunting.

In the meantime, he will be training at Skelmersdale for 6 months so he'll have that commute to deal with (and I'll most likely be without a car for most of that time, waaaah!) and then he could commute to wherever he'll be working, so thankfully there is no real pressure as far as moving goes, as nowhere in Western division is all that far from where we currently live.

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