20 August 2007

Noah's throne

Noah uses a little booster seat at the dinner table. It can slide under the table like a regular chair, but he usually uses the tray that attaches. It was driving me crazy that between meals we had to balance the tray on his chair, and it rarely stayed there for long, it would always fall to the floor.

So the other day I got a piece of elastic, looped it around the chair back and knotted it and voila, the tray now has a place to live! I just slide it into the elastic and it hangs there.

And then this weekend I decided to make a little bag to go onto the back of the chair to hold his bibs, which would free up a bunch of space on top of the armoir in the dining room, where they used to live in a big basket.

I used fabric that I already had (leftovers from shortening the Ikea curtains in the bedroom) and, on a whim, drew a little bird and cut it out of denim and beige scraps. I appliqued the bird onto the bottom corner of the bag using satin stitch and added a button for his eye. I made him blue because bluebirds symbolise happiness. I am, on the whole, happier than I've ever been in my life and I wanted to celebrate that.

It took two attempts to get the bag sewed together correctly (I get way too confused with turning-inside-out and getting the seams in the right place) but I was really pleased with the end result - a snug, neat little bag that keeps Noah's bibs right where we need them!

Organising and crafting - AT THE SAME TIME?! Be still my heart.

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