20 August 2007

Painting fun

I have a confession to make. I don't often do fun things like painting with my kids. There, I said it; go ahead and judge me. I just feel like I already have so much work to do and spend half my day cleaning, without creating more mess on purpose (*whine, whine*). And hey, that's what I pay preschool for! To do the messy stuff. And Daniel gets to do it at school, so I'm off the hook, right? Right? I mean, they do play with Playdough and they get to do other fun stuff.

But then, every now and then, I go a little mad and get out all the painting stuff and let them have a ball. And of course they make a huge mess, but they absolutely love it (more so than if they got to do it all the time, I tell myself - and it's true). I take their clothes off first, and cover the table in an old tablecloth and then force myself to stand back and not interfere as they get messier and messier.

Just look at their little faces - they're having a blast! Maybe I should get the paints out more often ...

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