13 August 2007

A thing of beauty and order

*And the angels sang*

Boy do I looooooove organising! (And for once I am not being sarcastic.)

I've organised Daniel's wardrobe to within an inch of its life. I added shelves and plastic tubs and (be still my heart) labeled them with laminated labels (*swoon*).

The tubs contain categorised toys (vehicles, creatures, dinosaurs, books (the 3 on the bottom), building bricks, other toys (balls, etc), puzzles, dressing-up clothes, dressing-up accessories, pirate ship and accessories) and other stored items (out-of-season shoes, nail care stuff, blankets, bathroom supplies).

The door is now fitted with a child-proof lock above Daniel's reach:

The theory is that Daniel can check out 5 toys at a time, like a library. When he wants more, he has to check them back in and exchange them for more toys. I say "theory" becuase I haven't actually made his laminated "library cards" that I keep promising to make, so the system isn't really in play yet, but limiting access to his toys has already made a tremendous difference to our home. I was so sick and tired of the constant flotsam and jetsam of toys littering the whole house so I'm pleased that it has stopped.

I've used one of the tubs in the kitchen where I reorganised a shelf. This entire top shelf was taken up with baskets of CDs. I threw away all of the cases and put the CDs into the slimline storage wallet you see tucked down the side of the hi-fi. Voila - an entire shelf freed up! I've put a plastic tub there and use it as the downstairs laundry basket - I was tired of random hand towels, cleaning cloths, socks, bibs and placemats everywhere by the end of every day, needing to be gathered up and brought upstairs to the laundry basket. I sometimes threw them into the washer but then it was a pain if the socks and goodies were dark and I wanted to do a whites wash.

Now I just toss the dirty washing into this tub and check it before putting on a load of washing.

For the record, I love having the hi-fi in the kitchen! I listen to the radio, CD or mp3's while I cook and clean and it makes me actually want to be in the kitchen doing those things. The little speakers sit above the tall pantry units, one at either end. The hi-fi came with bigger speakers but I got these brand new and for nothing through Freecycle.

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