23 September 2007

Fitting it in

For those who picture me sitting comfortably at a table in front of a sunny window, happily sewing for hours, and wondering how I manage to fit it in when I'm supposedly so busy, here is the reality.

Most of the time my ancient sewing machine sits on the kitchen counter:

Which enables me to quickly pull it forward to sew for a few minutes here and there as I find them:

The pedal j-u-s-t about reaches the floor. It's especially fun if I attempt to sew while the boys are around, and I am just putting the fabric under the foot / needle and Noah runs in and STOMPS on the pedal. Real fun. (Thankfully neither my fingers nor my child was harmed, although both were very real possibilities.)

I'll often have the ironing board up while I'm preparing dinner, and while something simmers I'll iron and cut out a piece or two, or sew a few seams in between stirring something or adding ingredients. Sometimes once the kids are in bed I'll set up the sewing machine and ironing board in the dining room and do some sewing there in a bigger chunk of time. As Rebecca (who has seen me in action) knows, I only sew quick-and-easy things.

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