14 September 2007

PC Morris

35 years ago ... he was 5 days old, having begun his life in Germany.

20 years ago ... he was a teenager in high school, with braces on his teeth.

10 years ago ... he was a newly-wed with one anniversary under his belt, working at his father's company in Cape Town.

5 years ago ... he was an unemployed father to a new baby, having recently relocated to Lancashrie, with all the pressures involved.

1 year ago ... he was working in a dead-end IT job and working his butt off renovating our home.

Today ... Grant was sworn in as a Police Constable in the Lancashire, England constabulary.

I watched him receive his warrant card and felt like I would burst with pride. He has done so well, has come so far, and worked so hard. He started training on Monday and is absolutely loving it - he says he can't believe they are paying him to do this. I am so thrilled for him that he has found his passion and calling and has this opportunity.

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