11 September 2007

Sewing bits

Been sewing here and there (and fighting with my sewing machine which seemed to be all PMS just when I was - I only screamed a few times though, and threw my scissors across the room but once). I was quite proud of the knitting needle roll I made for my mom because I just made it up as I went along but she said it was perfect. Alas, I forgot to photograph it before sending it off.

I did, however, photograph the bag that I am quite proud of. I made this for a friend who is in hospital - I didn't use a pattern, just made it up as I went along and it worked out quite well (except for one of the straps which ended up with a twist in it somehow, as careful as I was, grrr). It's decorating-weight cotton fabric and is fully lined with a mobile phone pocket inside.

I also made myself a pincushion:

And some burp cloths for gifts and for my Etsy store.

And another nappy pouch in French toile:

I've almost finished my first quilt, which I'll be gifting - hopefully she'll overlook the imperfections!! I will photograph it once it's done.

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