12 October 2007

Daniel's birthday party

Daniel didn't have a birthday party last year, so I promised him one this year. After lamenting to my friend Rebecca that parties are so expensive at the indoor playgrounds (where Daniel wanted it) she suggested a cinema trip with a few friends instead, followed by pizza at Pizza Hut. Genius!! So I put the spin on it to Daniel ("For your birthday you can either go and play at Cheeky Monkeys, which you could do anytime, OR you could invite a few friends to the cinema for a movie and some snacks!! AND have some pizza at Pizza Hut afterwards! OOOOooOOOoohhHH! What do you think?") and he was thrilled with the idea. He is inviting his four best buds. Here's the invitation I made today - I'll have them printed as 4x6 inch photos. You can click to enlarge - the top of the filmstrip says "©2007 Morris Productions" and at the bottom it says "Daniel's Birthday Party - episode 6".

The best part? My friend Rachel is taking her daughter and her friends for the same kind of party on the same day, place and time! How fun!

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