25 October 2007

Help me out here

Today I was reading through the archives of a blog and the writer mentioned cheesecake brownies and I was all, "CHEESECAKE BROWNIES?! I remember cheesecake brownies!" because I have indeed tasted them and they are heavenly.

But I can't remember where or when or how. Which, you see, is a problem when hoping to repeat the experience.

I honestly can't remember if I made them (I ... think I did?) or if a friend gave them to me (Rebecca? Rachel? Laura? Anyone...?) but I remember eating them and loving them. And of course they are all I can think about now.

Must. Make. Cheesecake. Brownies...

I believe eating them will eradicate the trauma of not remembering where they came from last time. My long-term memory is usually excellent and not being able to remember is ... disconcerting.

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