3 October 2007


Our offer was accepted on the house we wanted! We are set to move on 3 Jan (eeek). Grant's parents are investing with us and will have a suite of their own on the top floor. The house is a beautiful 5-bedroomed semi in St Anne's, with a cellar and is in exquisite condition inside, so no DIY needed, huzzah!

I'd link you to the property details on the agent's website, but ... well, I'm sure you're all lovely people and not stalkers or axe murderers (well, except maybe you over there in the corner, you look a bit shifty-eyed) and although my whole life is on the internet I have to take some sort of care. So, no. BUT, here is a picture.

Grant is basically out of the house about 50 hours a week with work and commuting and is unable to do any phone calling, etc, so wish me luck as I deal with solicitors and agents and removal companies and finding a new school for Daniel and a new nursery for Noah and soothing sick children and keeping my clients happy and feeding my family and cleaning the house and doing the laundry and and and ... sorry, can't breathe, having panic attack. Need to go lie down in darkened room and rock for a while.

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