10 October 2007

I'm getting there!

My setup was this (notes below):

1. Plastic bottle tied up with string between towel rail and shower. I drilled a hole in the bottom of the bottle and put a knotted piece of string through. I saw this idea online - it lets the water drip steadily and slowly.

2. Black hand towel hung from windowsill, anchored with candles.

3. Camera on tripod.

4. Dustbin on top of plastic basket (see below).

5. Bowl of food colouring and water.

6. Small battery. I read this idea online too - you put the battery standing up exactly where the drips drop, so that you can manually focus on it - remove battery and voila, focus is (somewhat) correct. My shots still weren't as sharp as I'd like, but it was okay for a first proper attempt.

The setup in the bathtub - plastic basket, plastic dustbin, plate with food colouring and water.

See how well it drips?

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