10 October 2007

The state of things

So we're plodding along, getting by. Noah was really ill last week with a cold that turned into a croupy cough that wouldn't respond to anything - not his asthma pumps, not steaming, not cough mixture, nothing. Poor child couldn't even get his breathe he was coughing so hard. I managed to get him in to see the doctor, who took a look and a listen and promptly prescribed antibiotics, cough syrup and a hard-core steroid. I'm sure we'll get used to his newly sprouted chest hair and the fact that his voice has broken - it's kinda cute, actually.

(Yes, I'm kidding.)

Thankfully Noah's health improved immediately upon beginning the course of medication, but he wasn't really well enough for preschool so I'm sure you can imagine the state of me, having had to sacrifice both work days last week. By the end of the week I was a bit of a crumpled heap, and Grant and I had a massive row on Saturday morning (right! before! my session!) but we've kissed and made up (and there were flowers involved) and have been working together a lot better since.

This week, as young as it is, has been going a lot smoother since I've made more of an effort to plan ahead and get the groceries in on time. Although I don't have the car this week I have been sharing bus-school-run duties with one of the moms from school who lives around the corner. Her son was in Daniel's class last year. So when I have the car I give them a lift, and when I don't then we take turns taking the boys to school while the other watches Noah. It's been a lot easier. Let's hope my Scrat-eye disappears.

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