25 October 2007

The wee hours





The sound eventually penetrates my sleep, dragging me up from deep in my dreams. I force my eyes open and look at the luminous red numbers of the clock: 1:30am. Ugh.

Grant and I drag ourselves out of bed and into Noah's room where he is wheezing and coughing with asthma. We administer his inhaler, offer water, check his nappy and put him back to bed. It takes a few tries to get him to settle, by which time we are more awake.



The medication takes a while to work properly, which means that our journey back to slumber is a struggle. Eventually his coughing stills and we begin to drift off properly.


My mind is brutally yanked from sleep about five seconds before I can force my eyes open, resulting in, "Wha---?! The sky is falling! Also, I am BLIND!"

It's 3:30am. We stumble out of bed and stagger through to Noah's room, where he has fallen off his bed and is now wailing like a banshee. His bed has a guard rail along the side, with the only gap being at the foot of his bed. He had either fallen asleep at the foot before rolling off, or was standing at the end of the bed, under his blind, looking out of his window. Either scenario is equally likely.

Eventually he is soothed and tucked back into bed. We return to our bed and finally get to sleep.

Daniel slept through the night.


And how was your night?

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