3 November 2007

And the winners are ...

I was far too excited when it came time to actually pick the winners of my giveaway! I did a Google search for "free random number generator" and downloaded this gadget, which did the picking. And so, the first winner, who wins three images, up to 8x12 inches in size, is:

Angela from Finding our Way! Her comment was, "I love your photos, beautiful. My favorite are: 1679, old iron and Spain." Angela, I'll be dropping you an email, but please let me know if those are still the images you'd like, and in which sizes.

I decided to have a couple of runners-up who would receive three 5x7 inch images each, just because I'm generous that way :o) So, the two runners-up are:

Stephanie from My True Loves who said, "WoW! SO many themes and beauty in your photos. Very hard to narrow down but I do love Sunset, Sky, and Boat on the Beach! Please pick me!"


Kyra from The Adventures of Me who said, "Beautiful! I had a hard time choosing...My favorites were "sun on water", "scrawl of branches", "barrel", and my all-time favorite was "tulips in black and white" I hope I WIN!!"

HOW FUN WAS THAT?! Okay, I'm off to email the winners. Thanks so much to everyone for the lovely comments and for taking the time to look at my images and enter the draw.

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