2 November 2007

Call him Mr Nosy

I come upstairs and into the bedroom; for once Grant has gone to bed before me. He's lying in bed, all tucked up.

Grant: "Should we have a window open?"

Me: (teasing him) "You know, it sounds like you're asking my opinion but really, all you're doing is getting me to open the window for you."

Grant: "Well you're still up, I'm in bed already."

Me: (opening the window - and peering intently outside at nothing) "Oh my WORD! WHAT are those people DOING?!"

And what do you know - all of a sudden we're both still up and nobody is tucked up in bed. Well look at that. I've never seen anyone go from horizontal to vertical so quickly. Pity there was nothing to look at - BWAHAHAHAA!

He is SUCH a curtain-twitcher!!

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