7 November 2007

Dreaming about the studio

I'm so excited to have dedicated studio space in the new house. We'll set it up so that I can push equipment aside and also use the room as a guest room. Here's how it looks at the moment:

The double doors lead to the living room, and you can see the kitchen through that. The door on the left leads to the hallway.

I'll need to get some equipment to set it up right. First, I'll need to get a blackout blind to put on the French doors, so no light spill through the doors creates blotches on the backdrop (also to create privacy when the room is used as a guest room) - this one from Ikea will do the trick:

Then, above the French doors I will have my backdrop support system mounted:

Onto which I will put a new roll of white vinyl (since my paper is hammered)...

...and a new roll of paper - possibly the Ivory, maybe the Sandstone, I haven't decided.

I also need a proper reflector stand since mine always falls over.

A new desk:

And, possibly most important since mine is dying and every now and again goes black and I have to whack it to make it come alive again and then the colour is wonky for a bit, a new monitor:

I'll need a sofa for my clients to sit on (in leather, so I can wipe of their children's grubby handprints), and we'll make it a sofa-bed for guests to sleep on:

The blinds are staying, but I'll need to put blackout curtains in front of them to block flash since the window is at the front of the house. And of course it's a bay window, so I'll need one of these and will probably just put in white curtains, not sure.

As for storage, I'm thinking of putting shallow Pax wardrobes with Birkeland doors on either side of the sofa, with shorter ones above the sofa to bridge the gap. Not sure if that will work - will have to see once we've moved in.

And then I'll need sample pictures framed and hung on the walls.

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