2 November 2007

Onto grander things

Grant and I were watching an episode of Without a Trace, where Jack is packing up his office as he's leaving for Chicago. He's removing his many framed certificates, degrees and diplomas from the walls as Samantha comes in. Her eyes meet his sadly, and she begins to help him pack, gathering up the many ponderous books and tomes from his bookshelf.

Grant: "It was like that when I left the university. Emotional."

Me: *snort* "You mean you picked up your alien head* and said, 'Right,I'm off'"

Grant: "My alien head AND my fart spray."

We laughed for about five minutes. Sigh - I'm so glad he's onto bigger and better things at last!

*Alien head: all that remains of a slimy, smelly toy similar to this - he used to play practical jokes with it, like put it on someone's computer mouse.

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