27 November 2007

Girls' weekend away

On Friday Rachel and I drove down to visit with Rebecca. It was a longer journey than we'd imagined - although we knew it was "about three hours," the reality of that only really sinks in when you make the drive (plus it was closer to 4 hours.) Poor Rachel, I'm sure she was exhausted by the time we got there. I was grateful not to be driving!

It was so lovely to see Rebecca and her family and their new home. We then went shopping at an exhorbitant outlet mall and (unsurprisingly, due to the prices) didn't buy anything. A quick trip to TK Maxx on the way to the hotel didn't yield much either, although we each bought a little something (I bought a gift; nothing for me.) By the time we checked into the hotel, got to the restaurant, ordered and finally received our food, it was after 10:30pm!! We made it back to the hotel just before midnight and went straight to bed.

On Saturday we shopped in Cheltenham all day but didn't buy a thing; it was just too expensive. But we had fun together and talked non-stop, and that's really what the trip was for. It was so fun to see Rebecca again - pity it was only for a day and a half!

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