28 December 2007

Checking in

Today Noah is ill and I stayed home with him while Grant, my dad and Daniel went out. Right now Noah is asleep and the others have just arrived home.

Christmas was wonderful, just a really nice, relaxed day. Everyone loved their gifts, the sun was shining and the weather was mild, we went for a lovely walk in the morning and had a delicious meal for lunch, and I had a nap in the afternoon.

Right now, though, we are quite stressed. We never exhanged contracts on the new house before Christmas due to the solicitor still waiting on a couple of things; there are other reasons too that have us doubting that we will exchange and complete on 2 Jan, although that still remains our hope. Time will tell, and all we can do right now is wait until 2 Jan to see what happens. For those who pray: please pray that everything goes smoothly and we still get to move on the 3rd!!!

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