17 December 2007

Not long now

What have we been up to? Well, I've been ill with some wretched stomach virus the whole of last week and, just when I began to feel better, have crashed with a miserable cold again. But life doesn't go on hold when Mama's sick (unfortunately) and we've been as busy as usual, if not more so. Thankfully our gas is fixed so our home is warm again!

We've put the tree up:

Attended Noah's preschool nativity / singalong:

"Uh, Noah? That Christmas pudding isn't real."

And attended Daniel's school nativity. In which he was a chicken. Again. Unfortunately, his previous chicken costume is no longer, but fortunately we managed to borrow one from Daniel's friend, who was a chicken last year but was a donkey this year.

Oh, and of course we've been packing. This is what the end of my dining room looks like right now. That's 38 boxes of stuff there, and a lot more still to come.

We're apparently set to exchange contracts on Tuesday (woohoo!!) and then move on 3 Jan - cant' wait!!!

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