19 December 2007

WFMW - freezing food

The day before yesterday I put together two lasagnas - one for tonight's dinner and one to freeze so that we'll have a good meal the night we move into our new home. And it made me think that I could use this tip for WFMW this week.

Before assembling the lasagna in the dish, I first lined the dish with cling film, leaving plenty overhanging the edges. I then assembled the lasagne in the dish, wrapping the overhanging plastic over the top when I was done. The whole dish went into the freezer.

Once the lasagna was frozen, I popped it out of the dish and put it back into the freezer, freeing up the dish to use between now and when I want to heat and eat that lasagna. The day before our move I will take the plastic wrap off the frozen lasagna, put it back into the dish, cover with cling film and take it to the new house when we get the keys, putting it into the (integrated , so the sellers are leaving it) fridge there. So, hopefully, the evening of our move I'll simply have to pop the lasagna in the oven for a good, home-cooked meal without any fuss.

So I guess my tip is two-fold: prepare a meal ahead for the day you move home (saves money on take-out; I'm usually way too tired and mucky to go out to eat on moving day) and use plastic wrap to freeze a meal so your dish or bowl doesn't languish in the freezer for weeks until you eat that meal.

Works for me!

Head on over to Shannon's for more good ideas.

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