31 January 2008

Photos from my walk today

This is one of the paths that lead along the seafront. To the left, over the hilly bit is a path along the road, and to the right, over the grassy bit is the path along the actual beach.

Facing the other way.

The pathway leading to the sea.

The sea, with the tide out.

Cloudy skies and muddy beach.

This is what the beaches in this part of the country look like. They slope so gently to the sea that when the tide is out there is mud forever before you get to water. I have heard that it's about a mile to the sea, but don't know if that's true or not. And when the tide comes in it rushes in suddenly.

Facing back towards the road (where the houses are.)

The path along the seafront.

The first spring bulbs coming up!

Check out this restaurant in a disused train. Noah was very impressed. We plan to eat there sometime.

I love this hotel - the Grand Hotel.

Bridge over man-made pond.

First crocuses!

I had to take pictures of this water fall with fast shutter speed ...

... and slow shutter speed.

The Grand Hotel again.

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