8 January 2008

We did it!!

Completion has taken place, I've collected the keys and been in! I just got home.

It was completely surreal walking around the house ... I've been there constantly in my head over the last couple of months; hoping, dreaming, planning, doubting, stressing, anticipating, longing, fearing, praying, willing ... and now it's ours, I can't believe it!!! I can't wait for Grant's parents to come over and see it, they will love it.

We're going over there again this evening when Grant gets home from work. We'll take some more odds and ends and run through the empty rooms like giddy children (and I know what they look like since my kids went bananas in there today!)

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us or put out good thoughts. We are so grateful for the support and so happy to finally be moving in tomorrow! I'm especially grateful to Jo who is watching the boys while I supervise the movers. Grant can't get time off work, so it's me on my own.

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