16 January 2008

We're still alive!

Sorry I haven't posted before, but we are still waiting for broadband to be connected (tell me why it takes 10 days when we haven't even switched providers???) and I'm on crappy dialup on an ancient laptop, which is the only one of our computers with a regular modem in it.

ANYWAY ... the move went smooth as butter, Daniel is loving his new school, Noah is loving his new preschool (he didn't want to come home after his first full day there) and we are deliriously happy in our wonderful new home. The area is so nice too. So far this has been the best move ever for our family and we are over the moon!

The house is in excellent condition but there are still a few DIY things to be done. For instance, there are no curtain poles or towel rails so we've been putting in a few things like that, plus wardrobes for our room and the boys' room. I have ordered their beds and they should arrive today. Once I am back on broadband I'll post pictures of everything, I promise. We should be connected on Monday so I'll be posting frequently again.

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