23 February 2008

Drumroll please...

The First Official Day of Potty Training commenced today, spontaneously. After breakfast I went to change and dress Noah and realised his nappy was still dry so I asked him if he wanted to do a wee in the toilet. He was keen, so I put him on his little padded seat and he did his business. Of course I whooped and hollered and made a big fuss and he was pleased as punch. I asked him if he wanted to start today, if he was ready to learn how to do his business in the toilet and the potty and he said yes.

I had been waiting for him to get over his cold (or to stop feeling sorry for himself, rather!) but hadn't really planned to start today. But I thought, why not, since he is feeling better at last. I dressed him in a vest and long sleeved t-shirt and nothing else, with the potty nearby, and he proved more than capable of holding it in.

I asked him a few times if he needed to do a wee and each time he said, "No, fank you." Later they boys came downstairs to play and I made sure Noah brought his potty with him and put it in the kitchen. I was busy cleaning a bit later when he came running to me and said he had done a wee. Upon inspecting the potty I found that he had indeed - and it was underneath a huge turd, gross! But yay! Good boy!

He did absolutely brilliantly today. The only accident he had was when I put underpants on him at lunchtime. I think they made him forget to hold it in and he peed himself. Other than that little setback, he simply took himself off to the potty whenever he needed to. I'm so proud of him!!

Daniel was the same age when we potty trained him (one month shy of three) and he did just as well. I hadn't expected Noah to be the same because they are so different in personality and also because he has been behind Daniel in all his physical milestones but so far potty training has been the same. I hope it continues well!!

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