10 February 2008

Grant's shining moment of fatherhood

Noah has some eczema on his face. I'll be taking him to the clinic on Tuesday to get something on prescription as it's not clearing up, but in the meantime we've been putting acqueous cream on. Last night Grant found a small tub of Sudocrem and thought it would be a good idea to smear that all over Noah's cheeks and chin. Of course, being a nappy rash barrier cream Sudocrem doesn't absorb or rub into the skin so Noah looked like Santa Claus!

He was blissfully unaware until he caught sight of himself in the mirror. His whole face fell as he stared at himself. "I don't want cream!" he started wailing in dismay so Grant tried to rub it in, to no avail. He decided he'd simply hide the mirror so Noah couldn't see himself, and tell him it was gone.

Because what's a little deceit when you've already rubbed bum cream all over your child's innocent face?

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