23 February 2008

The Studio

I'm so excited to have my own studio space in our home! We finished putting the room together today. Here's how it looks, standing in the French doors that lead to the living room:

My desk area made from Ikea kitchen cabinets. The door leads to the hallway.

I want to add a tall narrow floor unit on either side of the desk units. Excuse the random basket and album on top. Oh, and these are our extra dining room chairs and they don't really go with the room so I'm thinking of making white slipcovers for them.

The 8x12 inch picture above the printer. Same frame as the four on the chimney breast.

5x5 inch picture of Noah's feet in sepia. I love this easel, which I got on eBay ages ago.

This is what you see when you walk in the door.

The pictures are each 20x20 inches.

24x24 inch canvas of Noah on his first birthday. Love my chippy chair! Got the rattan stool on eBay and the little chair from Ikea.

And you know how I adore my Chateau bench!

Sitting on the bench facing the living room. I have a black fabric backdrop that will hang from little hooks.

My equipment fits into the corner (at least the stuff I use most frequently - the rest and props are in the cellar.)

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