27 March 2008

Call the cops

Grant had to phone the police last night. We were in bed, around 11pm (I'd just dropped off to sleep) when he heard scraping noises outside. He looked out the window but couldn't see anything, then he noticed two men with a ladder. They'd put the ladder up against next-door's bay window (level with the bay window Grant was peering out of) and were climbing up it. They started BANG BANG BANGing on the window, which woke me up. Before too long they'd got the window open and climbed inside.

Grant phoned the police even though we both reckoned it was just the neighbour who lived there; we figured he had locked himself out or something. Due to the dark, the angle and the fact that they wore hats, we couldn't tell if the men were the neighbours or not.

The police came out and checked things out and it turns out that yes, it was the neighbours breaking into their own flat. The lock was broken or something, so they borrowed a ladder and got in that way.

You can imagine how the whole incident warmed the cockles of Grant's little curtain-twitching heart, though!

Oh, and half an hour later Grant's phone buzzes with a text message - it was one of the guys who had trained with Grant, who works in Blackpool and happened to be doing a stint sitting in on comms and heard his call come in! He texted to say, "Causing trouble?" LOL

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