6 March 2008

Funk, begone

I had a chunk of solitude last night and it really helped me find a little equilibrium. I now have a plan of action to banish the blues.

Problem 1: PMS that lasts 2 weeks out of every month
Solution: 3000mg of Evening Primrose Oil every day, calcium / magensium supplement, water retention tablets, drink lots of water, eat right

Problem 2: general lack of energy
Solution: increase exercise, drink lots of water, eat right

Problem 3: Totally fed up with miserable cold weather with no end in sight
Solution: Find my peace in domestic arts, which generally soothes my soul and brings me joy. We are on a spending freeze but there is plenty I can get on with to make our nest cosy without spending money.

Problem 4: Pressure to earn money with not much moving in business due to time of year and I think general slow spending
Solution: Accept that I am doing all I can and have faith that we will be looked after like we always have been

Okay, let's see how this week goes as I put my plan into action! Our dishwasher broke (nooooooo!!) but (spending freeze be damned, this is an emergency!) we've ordered a new one which will be delivered today. As soon as Grant gets back from dropping Noah at preschool I am going upstairs to run / walk on the treadmill. Bless him, he tried to urge me to do it last night because he knew it would help me but I needed to just chill - today I am keeping my promise to get back on track.

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