12 March 2008

Seat covers

Today I moved the clock in the kitchen and put up a little cornice shelf (my precious one and only cornice shelf, that I can't find duplicates of anywhere.) I will post pictures as soon as I finish dressing the shelf with accessories.

This has freed up the whole back wall of the kitchen. I have plans for a big gallery of luscious food pictures, but alas, no money for frames and prints so that will have to wait.

We can't afford to buy this table (it extends to seat 6) and these chairs (in white) yet so we will have to make do with our current table. Fortunately, our table works just fine and fits the space nicely, plus it can extend to seat more when we have guests and we have six matching, sturdy chairs in good condition. Unfortunately, the table top (which is only laminate) is scratched and marked (just going to have to live with that) and the table and chairs are beech coloured wood with dark brown leatherette seats so they don't match with the white-furniture-throughout thing we have going on, or the white kitchen units.

Oh, here's a picture of the set (taken in our old house):

We are not prepared to paint the furniture so I had to think of another way to make them tie in and came up with the idea of seat slip-covers. I loved these (as found on my new favourite blog to stalk:)

Aren't they cute? I'd do them in white with green gingham or polka-dot trim at the bottom (maybe a bit less of a skirt and smaller strip of trim.)

These are quite simple:

The only thing putting me off (besides the expense of the fabric) is that I'd have to make at least 8 of them so that I could always have one set on while the other set is in the wash. Noah would ensure that they'd perpetually be in the wash!

I may have to rethink this.

Another option would be to simply recover the seats in white leatherette instead of the brown. What do you think?? Please post with your opinions!

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