9 April 2008

Mole removal

I had 7 moles removed yesterday. Ugh, it was so horrible!!! I told the doc before she started that I tend to have a bad reaction to any kind of local anaesthetic and that it makes me feel faint. She went ahead and injected in my arm and then the ones on my neck and within minutes I totally crashed. I have never had such a bad reaction. I was completely spacing out, faint and light headed, nauseous. She had me lying down when she did it, and when I started going faint she tipped the table so it was completely flat. I lay there for ages, spacing out, shaking, crying a little sometimes (I couldn't help it, the shock makes me weepy) and she got concerned when I didn't get any better, only worse. She had removed the mole on my arm by then - I had told her to go ahead before I got really bad, but she stopped after doing my arm when I crashed like that. She said I was white as a sheet. My pulse went thready and my arms felt numb and tingly. My whole body felt like it was in shock.

Eventually she paged another doctor because she was concerned that I had had such a bad reaction and because of my pulse. While he was on his way she tipped the table so that my head was lower, towards the floor, and eventually I started to feel a bit better and told her to just go ahead with the ones on my neck as that area had already been anaesthetised. The other doctor arrived but I was feeling better so after checking that I really was okay he left. By the time she'd finished doing the 6 on my neck I was feeling a lot better and was able to slowly sit up and get ready to leave. She fetched me some water and I sat for a minute, then I was able to walk home with Daniel (who had been drawing and playing quietly in the corner.) The cold air refreshed me a bit.

All afternoon I still felt a bit funny and was very pale (my freckles were standing out like blotches because my skin was so white.) I'm glad it's over. I don't know if I will have any more done because I NEVER want to feel like that again, it was so so so horrible.

She just shaved the moles off and cauterised them, so no stitches, thankfully. She said to keep them dry yesterday but from today I could shower as normal. They haven't hurt at all, or itched, unlike when I had a bunch cut out years ago - man, those stung and itched like mad!

Edited to add: I really can't fault the doctor, she was so kind and gentle. I had only mentioned to her that I tend to faint with locals so she would be prepared if I started passing out (she still had to use the anaesthetic) and she had me lying down and she stood close to my side in case I conked. Neither of us had anticipated how badly I flaked though. Her bedside manner was so kind and she was very patient.

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