24 April 2008

Sweet perfection

Today was such a perfect day. In the morning Grant dropped Daniel at school and then a little later we both walked (with Noah) down to the church on the corner for toddler group. Noah loved playing with the cars and I chatted with one of the moms whose son is in Daniel's class at school (she was at the playgroup with her baby.)

After toddler group we came home for lunch and then went to Tesco to get some groceries. We managed to snag the last car-shaped shopping trolley so Noah was in heaven as he "drove" around the store.

After Tesco I had a short nap and Grant fetched Daniel from school and then we all went to Lowther Gardens to play tennis. The boys were happy playing on the edges of the court until the other people left the small play area directly next to the court, then they went to play there.

It was so fantastic! The weather was clear and sunny and 18 degrees, just perfect. Grant and I had so much fun playing tennis for ages. When we were done we went and played with the boys for a bit and then began to drive home. On an impulse we decided to go to the beach instead of going home, and walked on the sand while the boys ran and played.

When we moved to St Anne's it was to be closer to Grant's place of work, and we made sure we were closer to Daniel's school too. But we never anticipated how much our quality of life would improve - it has been a sweet surprise and we are happier than ever. Everything is so pretty around here and we are within walking distance of everything we need. I feel so blessed and happy.

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