11 April 2008

Yay, shopping!

Yesterday Noah was in preschool, Daniel is on school holiday and Grant was off work. When we got up he gazed into my eyes and whispered the words every woman wants to hear: "Shall we go to Ikea today?"

Be still my heart.

So once Noah had been packed off to preschool, off we went. I decided on a whim to take my point-and-shoot camera with.

Approaching the mother ship:

Daniel going the wrong way on the travelator:

Gotta have the hot dogs!

Okay, that's not flattering:

There was another nice picture of Daniel and I that Grant took, but it totally looks like Danny is grabbing my crotch so ... no.

We bought some more shelving units for the cellar, odds and ends like chopping boards and spatulas and the chests for our new bedside tables, hooray! We had a bunch of stuff that needed returning, so we didn't have to spend a lot at all, yay! I'll post pics once we have the headboard properly attached to the wall and the room is tidy.

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