7 May 2008

Could it really be summer on the way?

I had an appointment today at the hospital as a follow-up after my mole removal. The doctor said that they were all benign, good news.

The weather today was gorgeous! So warm and sunny. Grant did some work in the house (changed the boys' bedding, fixed all the squeaky floorboards on the top floor and on our landing and removed the old butler's sink in the cellar. He had only just begun to fiddle with the pipe underneath it when it kind of moved or made a noise and he quickly stepped back - just in time as the whole frame collapsed and the sink (which weighs about 3 tons) fell! Yikes, glad he didn't get hurt. I would never have imagined that the sink could be so heavy, I could barely help Grant to push it into the unfinished part of the cellar (out of sight, out of mind - there is NO WAY we were able to get it up the stairs, toooo heavy!) I'll post pictures once we have the appliances all in a line.

I did some work in the front garden this afternoon. It was so nice to potter about weeding and pulling out dead plants and digging over the little beds while the boys played around me. Grant sat out there with us for a while then went inside to make supper. Now I need some plants to go into the empty beds! Here are some before pictures:

And here is how it looks after my work today. I pulled up one of the little evergreens and repotted it to stand next to the front door (in a pot that I already had.) I'm undecided about the other two - I might just pull them up, or at least the one in the middle of the bed. I suspect they might be Leylandii which tend to get a bit big for their boots.

The plant in the bed next to the front door was in a pot in the back yard, left there by the previous owners. I think it's a Hosta but I'm not sure.

Here's a close-up - does anyone know what it is? Is it likely to flower?

As you can see there are loads of bluebells growing outside of the beds. I've left them for now but will pull them up once they stop flowering.

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