14 May 2008

Crazy times

Sorry I've not been around much, things are mad here. Last week I was stressing and preparing for the wedding that I shot on Saturday.

Sunday - I was recovering from the wedding, it was exhausting (but went well.)

Yesterday - I finished preparing my photography presentation (see Tuesday) and then spent literally the whole day until past 10 at night editing all of the pictures from the wedding. I just wanted to get them done - 410 proofs whittled down from the 992 original files, all shot in RAW. I'm sick of them now, but when I get over it I'll post some. Grant worked 1pm - 11pm.

Today - I baked cookies because tonight I am hosting a photography activity for the Young Women (girls from church aged 12-17) and I wanted to provide refreshments. Grant is working 1pm - 11pm.

Tomorrow - I have to start preparing my church lesson that I am teaching in Relief Society (women) on Sunday. Grant is working 1pm - 10pm.

Thursday - Grant is off and the boys are in school and preschool so we are going to spend some time together as we're reaching the "Hello, complete stranger," stage - you know, when you become ships passing in the night. We might go to the Family Search roadshow at church for help with our genealogy. In the evening we are hosting an activity for the 8-11 year old kids from church.

Friday - is my Pampered Chef party in the evening. Grant is off work.

Saturday - Grant is working 7am - 5pm. I have to finish preparing my lesson, clean the house which is rapidly deteriorating and spend time with the boys.

Sunday - Grant is working 7am - 3pm so I'm off to church alone with the boys, and teaching my lesson.

Monday - I start at least two weeks of jury duty.

I'm so glad not every week is this overwhelmingly busy (we certainly don't usually have so much church stuff in one go) because I'd go stark raving mad. My friend Zoe said that jury duty involves a lot of waiting around so I should bring something to occupy myself with. I'm like, BRING IT ON! I can do with sitting around reading books and painting my nails after this week.

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